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Aims, Vision and Ethos


At Hassocks Infant School we nurture and inspire children to equip them for a journey of lifelong learning.

Our vision is to create a learning community where all learners:


Learning is a journey which we believe should inspire children to want to learn.  We want children to ask questions and to be interested in the world around them.  We will have the confidence to take risks as we grow.  We will provide a safe and stimulating environment which enables children to challenge themselves beyond their own expectations.


All members of our school community will respect themselves and others.  We will provide a setting based on mutual respect.  We will have self-belief in our individuality.  We will show respect to our environment and take opportunities to nurture and protect it.  We respect others differences and ideas; learning from each other. 


We embrace children’s strengths, interests and talents and encourage them to flourish and shine beyond the classroom.  We create a nurturing community where children feel safe and happy to be individuals.  It encourages and supports personal growth.  We instil the belief that all children can achieve.

Our Ethos

We want the children to be happy and confident at school and the following principles underpin our school ethos:

  • As a staff we have high expectations and believe that the children should be encouraged to share these expectations for their own learning
  • Play has a fundamental role in young children’s learning. It allows children to practice over time, explore, observe, investigate, repeat, copy, problem solve and represent. It is also a means whereby children can come to terms with themselves, other people and the world around
  • Children will have opportunities to initiate their own learning and have time to work in depth and follow through activities
  • Learning will be best when the children can take part in first-hand meaningful activities that start from their own experiences and interests
  • Learning experiences will provide and encourage children to think creatively and become independent learners
  • Learning will be challenging and the children will work and be able to take risks, without fear of failure
  • Learning will be well-planned and linked to observational assessment
  • Adults in the school will respect the children, be supportive, interested and involved in the children’s learning and value them as individuals
  • We believe that the learning environment should be well-organised, attractive and stimulating so that each child can learn in a happy, relaxed atmosphere. We will encourage everyone to have pride in our school
  • We will value and recognise diversity and celebrate differences
  • All children will have opportunities to experience and build on success
  • All children will learn best when there is good partnership between all the adults working with them
  • At Hassocks Infant School we recognise that parents and carers are the children’s first educator and strive to work in close partnership, building on the children’s experiences
  • Every child and adult matters in our school and we value the contributions of all
  • As a staff we hope that this framework will allow all the children to achieve the best results and enjoy their time at our school