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Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot see all the activities when using the Tapestry app, what should I do? 

Firstly, you should try updating your version the Tapestry app to ensure you have the latest version.

  • When using a web browser to access Tapestry, the tabs for "observations", "memos" and "activities" can be clearly seen at the top of the page. 
  • On the Tapestry web browser, you need to click on the tab "activities" to view the lesson activities or "memo" to view key communication and timetable from teachers. 
  • When using the Tapestry app, "memos" and "activities" appear in the newsfeed . 

If you continue to have issues after reading the above, please do contact 

The suggested timings on the Timetable does not fit with the structure of my working day, what should I do?

You are welcome to adapt the timetable to times that work for your child and you. The timings on our timetable are there as a suggestion of when you should do sessions, you can adapt this. 

How can I encourage my child to engage with their learning?

  • Share the feedback and comments staff are putting on Tapestry with your child. 
  • Tell them when a member of staff has liked their work. 
  • Get your child to watch Mrs. Smith's growth mindset assembly (this will be available from 8.1.21) and get them to set a goal for their learning. 
  • At the start of each day, support your child to set some simple and achievable goals and intentions for the day ahead. These can be reviewed at the end of the day so your child can reflect on what they have achieved. 
  • Remember, you child will need regular breaks and should be encouraged to drink lots of water throughout the day. 
  • Share the visual timetable for the day with your child. Ask them to tick off lessons as they are completing them. 
  • For some children, getting into their school uniform each day is highly supportive. 

If you need additional support with engaging your child with their remote learning, please contact your child's class teacher through the class email address. They will be able to suggest individualised suggestions of way that will encourage your child. They will be happy to arrange a Keeping in Touch call with you if this would be supportive. 

Why are there not live lessons? 

One approach, which we considered very carefully, and decided against, was live streaming of lessons. We decided against this as it focused predominately on methods that do not guarantee the safeguarding of the children or our staff.

Furthermore, we also believe the delivery of live lessons puts a significant amount of pressure (and stress) on you as parents for the following reasons:

  1. you would need to be online at a certain time, otherwise the lesson is missed, (it cannot be recorded for GDPR reasons)
  2. you would need to be present with children during the lesson, to ensure your child is engaged while the teacher is ‘streaming’ and to offer support to your child if something goes wrong
  3. you would need to be available to manage the technology of a live stream
  4. you would ned to ensure sufficient laptops/computers/ipads are available to meet the multiple lessons, for multiple children, occurring at the same time
  5. you would need to ensure you have sufficient broadband / mobile data to enable this multiple streaming lesson to happen.

We believe the above is too much pressure and stress for many in our community.

The skill of teaching is the face-to-face interaction between the teacher and the pupil, and we believe this cannot be achieved through Zoom / live lessons. Interestingly, a recent study by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), which provides research-based advisements to Educators, reaffirms our approach, and suggests a move away from live lessons.

We are offering a weekly PSHE focuses zoom session with the class teacher and you will have received information regarding this.

Do you have suggestions for movement breaks for my child? 

Below you will find a document we have created with suggestive "Brain Break" activities. It is titled: Movement and Brain Break ideas - Parents handout.