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Home Learning

Home learning guidance for parents during school closure:

This page has been set-up to support children's home learning during school closure. 

Dear Parents/Carers,

At Hassocks Infant School we recognise the enormous challenges our community are being tasked with. We would like to help you with continuing your children’s development during this school closure. We will strive to provide you with information and resources to enable you to do this each week. However, it is also important to not underestimate the importance of enjoying the time you have together – playing games, cooking, gardening, painting, sharing stories etc.

We have written some home learning guidelines below. These aim to support you to understand how we will provide you with home learning activities.

How will the school support with home learning when the children are offsite due to school closure?

  • Each Friday after 3pm home learning will be sent out via ParentMail. For those families who are unable to access ParentMail, a copy of the home learning will be posted.
  • Each week, home learning will also be added to the new home learning section of the school website.
  • All children will be provided with an exercise book and a pencil to take home on Friday 20th March. If your child is not in school, these can be collected from the school office. If you and your family are self-isolating, please send an email to the office ( requesting for these to be delivered to your home.
  • The Parent Weekly Overview format will be used to communicate home learning tasks and will contain the following:
    • a brief letter from year group teams to families.
    • a daily learning task for phonics/spelling, reading, writing and maths.
    • at least one weekly topic based task.
    • copies of resources to support learning.
    • other links to useful resources.
  • A list of useful websites links has been added to the home learning section of the school website and will be regularly updated.

What are the expectations around home learning when children are offsite due to school closure?

  • Home learning should not be sent into school. Due to staff absence and staff who are onsite supporting children in school, we will be unable to mark home learning.
  • Home learning is optional but we strongly recommend you support your child to engage in at least some of the learning activities.
  • It is up to parents as to how to record learning.

Will my child/I be able to stay in touch with their class teachers/the school?

  • Each class has been set up with a class email address. If you or your child would like to email the class teacher and/or teaching assistant, these class emails can be used. In order for this to be manageable for our staff we have set some expectations around the use of emails to teachers (see below).












Expectations of email use:

  • Emails can be sent to update the teacher on:
    • what you have been up to during this time
    • questions you may have around home learning
  • The teachers will be unable to respond to anything that does not fall within the above criteria. Please also remind yourself of the home school agreement that was signed at the start of the academic year.
  • Teachers/teaching assistants will only be able to respond to emails sent from children within their own class.
  • Please try and include all the updates you would like to share/questions you may have within one email per week. Teachers will be unable to respond to any more than two sent from each child per week.
  • Teacher/teaching assistants will aim to respond within 2 working days but this may not be possible if/when staff numbers become reduced.
  • We will keep you informed if teachers’ availability to respond to emails becomes unmanageable.
  • These email addresses will not be checked after 4pm on weekdays or at weekends.

We look forward to hearing from your child.

  • Please do let us know about your home learning activities on Twitter using the tag @hassocksInfant. The staff are looking forward to seeing what you will be up to and will be using twitter to share what they are doing!
  • Parents will still be able to use the email address to email general enquires.

We recognise the enormous challenge being place on each of our families at this time. Our main priority is that you and your children stay happy and healthy. If parents/carers are concerned for their own or their child’s wellbeing please contact

Again we stress the following: do not underestimate the importance of enjoying the time you have together – playing games, cooking, gardening, painting, sharing stories etc. It is these experiences that will enable our children to flourish.