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Remote Learning

What is Remote Learning?

Remote Learning is where the children and/or teachers are not physically present in a traditional classroom environment. Therefore, the learning which would normally take place in the classroom is relayed via another means. For example, through an online platform, video conferencing, telephone calls, and work packs.

At Hassocks Infant School we have identified four different tiers for when we would need to use remote learning. These are as follows;

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Individual children are self-isolating.

A whole class is self-isolating.

A whole year group is self-isolating.

A school closure.





What is the aim of this Remote Learning policy?

  • To support our school community to understand Hassocks Infant School’s approach to remote learning.
  • To ensure consistency in the approach to remote learning for pupils who are not in school.
  • To set out expectations for all members of the school community with regards to remote learning.

Remote Learning at Hassocks Infant School

Remote Learning is new to the school and we will be reviewing our approach to remote learning regularly to ensure it supports our school community.

At all tiers, remote learning will be based on assessments of where children are with their learning and will reflect learning that would be happening in school. Staff will create learning activities which take into account all learning types.

The table below outlines what remote learning will look like at the different tiers (this will be reviewed and updated throughout the year);

 Tier 1 – Individual Children are Self-Isolating

  • When a child goes into self-isolation parents/carers will be contacted by a member of the school team.
  • You will be asked if you need any support with additional resources such as pens and paper to support your child’s learning from home.
  • Following this, families will be sent a 14-day learning pack.  This will include a letter to the children and parents/carers about how to use this pack to support learning. 
  • If your child has Special Educational Needs, the SENCo can be contacted to ensure that this pack is adapted to meet the needs of your child.
  • The 14-day learning packs are created by our class teachers and focus on key skills that are being covered in class each half term.
  • Families can request Keeping in Touch (KIT) calls by calling or emailing the school office on

At this stage, your child’s class teacher and teaching assistant will still be teaching full time and supporting children in school and are unable to provide remote learning via an online platform. However, we would love to see your learning on Tapestry.

 Tier 2 - A whole class is self-isolating.

  • At this tier, if the class teacher is well, learning will be moved onto Tapestry, an online learning platform.
  • Each Friday afternoon, a Visual Timetable with an overview of the learning for each day of the subsequent week will be uploaded to Tapestry via the “Memo” section.
  • Lessons will include a blend of recorded videos, PowerPoints, voice clips and uploaded resources.
  • Lessons which are known as “activities” on Tapestry will be shared by 4pm the day prior to the lessons.
  • Class teachers will inform parents and children if children should post a photo of their learning in Tapestry.
  • Class teachers and teaching assistants will provide some feedback on observations in Tapestry.
  • Class email addresses will be activated at this tier.
  • A weekly whole class zoom session will take place.
  • Families can request a Keeping in Touch (KIT) call by their teacher or teaching assistant by emailing their class email address.

 Tier 3 - A whole year group is self-isolating.

  • As Tier 2 with the addition of some assemblies shared on Tapestry.

 Tier 4 - A school closure.

  • As Tier 2 and 3.

Role and Responsibilities

Key Staff involved in Remote Learning



Oversight for Remote Learning

Designated Safeguarding Leads

Lauraine Smith

Adrian Bates Holland

Jo Heath

To ensure safeguarding procedures are adhered to during remote learning.

Remote Learning Lead

Lauraine Smith

To oversee remote learning across the school. 

Phase Leaders

Jen Grigson (EYFS)

Mary Hutchinson (Year 1 & 2)

To oversee remote learning for each phase.

Class Teachers

Please refer to your child’s class teacher

To oversee remote learning for their class.

Teaching Assistants

Please refer to your child’s teaching assistant

To support the class teacher with monitoring remote learning and KIT calls with families.

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo)

Jo Heath

To support class teachers to meet the needs of SEND children when remote learning is taking place.

Computing Lead

James Coulter

To support with technology involved with remote learning.


For further details we recommend that you look at our Remote Learning Policy which can be found by clicking here. We also recommend that you read our Remote Learning guide for parents and carers which can be found here.