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School Safety

Keeping our School Secure

  • The school operates a security policy and your co-operation is requested in helping us to maintain as secure an environment as possible for all children and the staff.
  • There is an electronic entry system on the front door. 
  • Parents/carers and visitors must use the entrance in Chancellors Park
  • All visitors and volunteers must sign in at reception and wear a lanyard when in school.

For security reasons the gates in Chancellors Park and the car park will be locked after school and during school hours:

08.50 am     -    Gates opened

09.05 am     -    Gates locked

02.55 pm     -    Gates opened for collection of children

Supervision of the children

The children are closely supervised at all times and no child is allowed under any circumstances to leave the school during school time or at the end of the day unless collected by a parent or guardian.  Parents and carers who leave or collect children during school time are asked to always report to the office and sign in and out.  Should you wish your child to be collected regularly by another adult we ask you to notify the school office of the name, address and telephone number of the person collecting your child - this confirms your authorisation to send him/her home with someone else.

Permission to go out of school

At the start of the school year we ask parents and carers to sign a letter giving blanket permission for the children to make supervised visits to various local places providing transport is not involved.  No trips involving transport are ever made without the parents having been informed first and the receipt of a letter from the parents giving permission for their child to take part.