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Teaching Reading

Our Approach to teaching Reading

At Hassocks Infants we believe in guiding children towards a life-long love of the written word in all its forms.  We endeavour to share with the children an appreciation of the cultural significance in books as well as the importance of reading as a means of empowering individuals in society.  Consequently we believe that all children should have a wide range of literary experiences across a variety of contexts to help them become competent, proficient and sophisticated readers.  It is our aim to provide children with a wide range of strategies which will enable them to decode words and texts with increasing confidence.

We are passionate about providing children with high quality texts to help develop a rich and varied language, stimulate their ideas and fire their imaginations.  We very much believe in children making independent choices in their reading matter, alongside the ability to discuss their reasons for choosing a particular text. Throughout the school the children are able to access banded books which will support them to learn to read through a structured progressional system. These books start at the very early stages of beginning to read right through to supporting more fluent readers with exciting and motivating text.  In our book corners we also have a wide selection of books to ensure all children have access to texts appropriate to their stage in reading: This includes a selection of Core books, Picture books,  Rhyme books, Project X books, Non-fiction books, big books and information books.  In developing the key skills for reading, we aim to encourage enjoyment, confidence, fluency, accuracy and understanding.

We very much value the family’s role in developing the child’s love of reading and create a dialogue with them through the home/school reading records.  It enables us to see the choices the children make and learn about their reading habits in their home environment.  Through feedback both parent’s and teacher are able to move the child forward by setting targets that they can both encourage and create a strong link between home and school.

Learning to read includes developing phonological awareness. Please see the information on how we teach phonics under the 'Phonics' tab.